Friday, February 17, 2012

I can't get enough of you baby! - FPS; 02/16/2012

Fav of the Week ////
Cause it's around Valentines Actual Water's 'Latoya' wins out as my #1 fav. This record does also have an AMAZING burgerific cover. Makes me regret choosing the fish sandwich at lunch. 

The Mordecai and Rind records get an honorable mention. More from them in the upcoming weeks!!!

Aired February 16th, 2012

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**Actual Water -Latoya-
7-inch Plastic Idol (2012)
**Woollen Kits -University Narcolepsy-
s/t Lp R.I.P. Society (2012)
**Coasting -Ultra Vapid Scene-
You’re Never Going Back Lp  M’Lady’s (2012)
**Mordecai -Verocious-
s/t Lp Killertree (2012)
**Vacuum -Remember Break Up.-
7-inch Ep Siltbreeze (Orig. 1979)
**Dan Melchior und Das Menace -Love Thug-
Visionary Pangs Lp SS Records (2010)
**The Feeling of Love -I Am the Road-
Dissolve Me Lp Kill Shaman (2011)
**Michael Yonkers -My Love- and –I Knew You’d Remember-
Lovely Gold Lp Galactic Zoo Disco/Drag City (Orig. 1977)
**The Whines -It’s Raining- Hell to Play Lp Meds (2010)
**Cough Cool -Months-
Lately Lp Bathetic (2011)
**Stacian -Blood Sugar-
7-inch Moniker (2011)
**Rind -From the Lover-
Exhaust Yourself Lp Rotted Tooth (2011)
**Breather -Embrace on the Summit-
Loves and Disloves Lp Sonic Incision (1984)
**Ohama -My Time-
Minimal Wave Tapes vol.1 dbl.Lp Compilation Minimal Wave (Orig. 1982)
**Wume -Edge City-
Distance Lp Rotted Tooth (2011)

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