Friday, February 10, 2012

...the quicksand of your love... - FPS; 02/09/2012

Fav of the Week ////
Human Eye's 7-inch Rare Little Creature ...

This isn't a new record by any means, but I just happen to come accross it a day or two ago - excellent.

Aired February 9th, 2012

Stream till next week

**Rayon Beach -The Libertine and the Happy Slave-
7-inch HoZac (2011)
**Black Orphan -Metal Leg-
7-inch Ep Volar (2010)
**The Lost Sounds -Plastic Skin-
7-inch Ep Goner (2012; Orig. 1999)
**Human Eye -Rare Little Creature-
7-inch Disordered (2007)
**Little Queenie -Blackout-
7-inch Sweet Rot (2012)
**Hysterics -Hanging Out at the 512-
7-inch Ep M’Lady’s (2012)
**Psychic Teens -Kira-
Teen Lp Golden Voyage (2011)
**Dead Language -Misanthropy-
S/T Lp Iron Lung (2012)
**Contrapoison -To Never, Forever-
Until Next Morning 12-inch Ep Avant! (2011)
**Scorpion Violente -Christopher Walken-
Uberschleiss Lp Avant! (2010)
**Zola Jesus -Rester-
XXperiments Lp Compilation Die Stasi (2008)
**Black Humor -Hometown Vigilante-
Love God, Love One Another Lp Fowl (1982; Recently reissued on Superior Viaduct)
**John Bender -35B1-
I Don’t Remember Now / I Don’t Want to Talk About it Lp Records Sluts (2010?; Orig. 1980)

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