Friday, February 3, 2012

It's good to be back - FPS; 02/02/2012

For me this show is the show of false endings .... or better said, the show where Fuzzbox Flynn got tricked by false endings!

There were two songs I played during this show (The Pizza's Rock N Roll Radio and Tyvek's This One or That One) that seemingly end at a certain point, but then start back up again. I had caught and made mental note of both during prep time, but alias ... in the heat of the moment those false endings got the best of me! Oh well ... better luck next time.

Fav of the Week ////
Love that Pizza's single - yay for Rock n' Roll Radio!!! Also, Bloodhouse's Cool Intentions is pretty stellar.

As for oldies .... the Young God's cover of Gary Glitter's Did you Miss Me is rather amazing. It's tracks like this that keep me from giving up completely on mid-80s Industrial/synth music.

Aired Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

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**Boys -Weekend-
7-inch Safari (1980)
**The Reactions -Marianne-
Saturday’s Gone Wild Lp Cheap Rewards (2011; Orig. 1980ish)
**The Pizzas -Rock N Roll Radio-
7-inch Sacramento (2011)
**GG Allin -1980s Rock N Roll-
GG Allin and the Jabbers/Eat My Fuc/Doctrine of Mayhem 3xLp Black and Blue (Orig. 1980)
**Child Molesters -Violent Crimes-
Legendary Brown Album Lp Ace and Duce Sympathy for the Record Industry (1994; Orig. 1980s-ish)
**Catholic Boys -Takin the City By Storm-
Psychic Voodoo Mind Control Lp Dusty Medical (2011; Orig. 2003 – Haskels cover)
**Critical Mass -No One Left to Blame-
7-inch Last Laugh (2011; Orig. 1978)
**The Embarrassment -Sex Drive-
7-inch Last Laugh (2011; Orig. 1980)
**Fang -Everybody Makes Me Barph-
Where the Wild Things Are Lp Boner (1985)
**Taco Leg -The Money Will Roll Right In-
7-inch Richie/Testostertunes (2011 – Fang cover)
**Three Toed Sloth -Non-Alignment Pact-
7-inch Negative Guest List (2011; Orig. 1993 – Pere Ubu cover)
**Tyvek -This One or That One-
Fast Metabolism Lp M’Lady’s (2011; Orig. 2007)
**Bloodhouse -Cool Intentions-
7-inch Caesar Cuts (2011)
**Christmas -My Little Book of Lies-
Bands That Could Be God Lp Compilation Conflict/Radiobeat (1984)
**Indifferent Dance Centre -Flight and Pursuit-
Messthetics #108 Compilation Hyped to Death (Orig.1981)
**Johnny ILL Band -Baja California-
Ask All the Doctors Lp Urinal Cake (2011)
**Spider -Charlie-
S/T 12-inch Ep Thrift Store (2009ish)
**Ichi Ni San Shi -Insurmountable-
7-inch Super Secret (2011)
**Young Gods -Did You Miss Me-
S/T Lp Organik (1987 - Gary Glitter cover)
**You. –Bag of Sticks-
Demonstration 12-inch Ep Blind Prophet (2010)

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  1. Just found out that Brendon Annesley of Negative Guest List past away sometime within the last day. The kind words already pouring out over the internet speak volumes of his personal character and talent as a writer .... you can read more here: