Friday, February 24, 2012

Got an ugly pumping muscle - FPS; 02/23/2012

Favs of the Week ////

Got two this week (cause I just couldn't decide between them both):  

Primitive Calculators and Unity Floors

This (I guess you would call it) split 7-inch of Australia's own Primitive Calculators features the orginal version of their track Pumping Ugly Muscle which was recorded back in 1979, along side a live version recorded in 2009. Plus the band Slug Guts also does a cover of the same track which is included on the record as well. Most excellent synth weirdness here...

Unity Floors is a band also from Australia - Sydney to be exact. Beyond that, I don't know much else about this band.

Aired February 23rd, 2012

Stream till next week

**Tumor Warlord -Bio-Machine-
7-inch Ep Jeth-Row (2012)
**Spray Paint -Sqauw-
7-inch S-S Records (2012)
**Bad Drugs -Red Violator-
Raw Powder Lp Rotted Tooth (2012)
**Red Transistor -We’re Not Crazy-
7-inch Ecstatic Peace! (1990; Orig. 1977)
**Anonymous -Corporate Food-
7-inch Flat (1980)
**Primitive Calculators -Pumping Ugly Muscle [B-Side]-
Split 7-inch w/ Slug Guts  Sweet Rot (2011; recorded live 2009)
**Standard of Living -Don’t Worry-
Six Songs 12-inch Ep Vinyl Records (1982)
**The Embarrassment -Patio Set-
7-inch Last Laugh (2011; Orig. 1980)
**Gargoyle Sox -Succubus-
As The Master Sleeps…12-inch Ep Metro-America (1985)
**Joy Division -Shadowplay-
Unknown Pleasures Lp Factory (1979)
**Unity Floors -Identity Theft-
Women’s Golf 7-inch (2011)
**Sopors -No Solution-
7-inch Margin Mouth (2011)
**Radar Eyes -Praire Puppies-
s/t album HoZac (2012)
**Mode Moderne -Echoes-
Ghosts Emerging Lp Lust Nuevo (2009)
**Steve Fisk -Weekend Review-
448 Deathless Days Lp Cesstone/SST (1987)

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