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L/D --- 02/25/2010

Aired February 25th, 2010

**The Terminals -Cockroaches- Uncoffined LP Flying Nun Records (1990)
New Zealand artist; more information on this group here.
**Eat Skull -Oregon Dreaming- Wild & Inside LP Siltbreeze Records (2009)
Possible tours coming up for Eat Skull – maybe West Coast/maybe Europe? Keep an eye on their myspace for news stuffs.
**The Mayfair Set -Already Warm- 7-inch Captured Tracks Records (2009)
Have also heard talk about Mayfair Set heading to Europe this summer for some touring; keep an eye on their myspace for future details.
**Times New Viking -Love Your Daughters- Present the Paisley Reich LP Siltbreeze Records (2006)
**Times New Viking -Skull Versus Wizard- Dig Yourself Album Siltbreeze Records (2005)
For sure these folks are about to embark on a European tour - Information here. Hopefully a US tour for the summer is also on the horizon – figures crossed.
**Intelligence -The Receptionist- Deuteronomy Album In the Red Records (2007)
**Digital Leather -I Tell My Sorrows To the Stones- Monologue LP Shattered Records (2006)
Out of a lot of artists that attempt to capture that vintage synth – minimal electronic sound – I think that Digital Leather has it here with Monologue. The few releases I have heard from this group since haven’t quite caught me the same way (minus Simulator). There is a new full length album out now and what few snippets of tracks I’ve heard give me a mixed head – a bit too polished than what I typically go for – not as dark as expected. I’ll have to check it more in depth to get a full read; More information here; Review w/ preview tracks.
**Blank Dogs -Slowing Down- Under and Under Dbl. LP In the Red Records (2009)
Blank Dogs Spring/Summer tour appears to be shaping up – check here to see if they might be passing your way.
**Hearts of Animals -The Next Day- Cave Lights Album ArtStorm Records (2008)
This full length release by Hearts of animals is more pretty and ambient than what I had expected, considering their previous release on Dull Knife. It is intriguing and I look forward to giving it a spin or two more in the upcoming months. More information can be found at ArtStorm Records.
**Private Entertainment -In the Woods- Analoges Russland, Musik Aus Der Zukunft LP Compilation Hertz-Schrittmacher Records (2008)
More information on Private Entertainment can be found here.
**Scattered Tongues -Space Time- Moon Boot Boutique Compilation (2008)
Eugene, OR folks; no web information available.
**Missing Persons -Sing of the Times- Messthetics Greatest Hiss Compilation Hyped 2 Death Records
Originally this song came out in 1980 on cassette; more inforomation here.
**Paul Reekie -Lovers- Messthetics #105 Hyped 2 Death Records
Originally released in 1980 on 7-inch (guessing on the later).
**Smog -Kings Tongue- Sewn To the Sky LP Disaster Records (1990)
**Sexton Ming -Love is Strange- Birds with Teeth LP Hangman Records (1990)

Legendary poet & artist from the UK. Founding member of the Medway Poets. For more information check SextonMing.co.uk.
**John Bellows -Imaginary Friend- Clean Your Clock Album Moniker Records (2010)
This Chicago artist appears to be going on a bit of tour now that will take him through Austin for SXSW; for more details check out his myspace page.

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