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L/D --- 03/04/2010

Played a few tracks off of the Units retrospective ‘History of the Units,’ out now on Community Library Records out of Portland, Oregon. The Units were a synthpunk band that started up in Redding, California in 1977. They released one 7-inch EP (High Pressure Days) before heading out the San Francisco way to join in on the hustle and bustle. That 7-inch was my favorite release by them till I heard this retrospective which includes some previously unreleased demos – my favorite of which is the minimal and eerie ‘Red’. For more information, check Community-Library.net - Now available on both CD & Vinyl.

Aired March 4th, 2010

**Absolute Body Control -Final Response- Tapes ’81-’89 5xLP BoxSet Vinyl on Demand (2007)
Originally released in 1989 on the 'Tracks' Cassette.
**Sewn Leather -No Names- I Live Like This Cuz I lIke It LP (Y)ours Records (2009)
Fun synth sorts – minimal, dark - of Portland, Oregon – more information can be found at Sewn Leather’s myspace page.
**Doxa Sinistra –Other Strange- Conveyer Belt LP Enfant Terrible Records (2008)
Minimal Electronic band from the Netherlands I believe. Originally this album was released on cassette in 1985 (Trumpett Label). HistoryYoutube Stuff.
**Xeno & Oaklander -Werke- Sentinelle LP Wierd Records (2009)
New record out on Wierd Records from this New York minimal synth band. Check out XenoAndOaklander.com for more information.
**Units -I-Night- 7-inch Self-Released (1979)
**Glass Candy & the Shattered Theatre -Love on Plate- Live at Disco Death Album Self-Released (2001)
Live recording from 2001 done at the Disco Death [I’m assuming in Portland, Oregon]. This band’s sound has changed dramatically over the past decade. For more information on their current sound, check their myspace page – for information regarding their early tour CDR history, check out Pukekos.org.
**Screamers -122 Hours of Fear- Live at Target from Target Video (1978)
Track ripped straight from the video – considering that, it sounds pretty good. More information on Target Video can be found on Target Video Blog.
**The Chinese Restaurants -River of Shit- 7-inch S-S Records (2010)
New release on S-S Records.
**Units -Warm Moving Bodies- History of the Units Album Community Library (2007)
Two different versions of this track were released – one on a 7-inch in 1979 & the other on the Digital Stimulation LP in 1980. The retrospective features the 7-inch version which is the better of the two, in my opinion.
**Normal -Warm Leatherette- 7-inch Mute Records (1978)
**Prisonshake -Eisbar- 7-inch Scat Records (1993)

Cover of a track originally done by the early 1980’s German group, Grauzone. As I understand, this version features Ron of RRR Records who I assume is responsible for the noisy elements. More information on Prisonshake can be found at ScatRecords.com.
**Units -Red- History of the Units Album Community Library (2007)
This demo track has got to be my favorite off of this retrospective - originally recorded in 1977.
**The C&B -Kent Custer- 1991 pre-Shadow Ring Recordings 7-inch Siltbreeze Records (2010)
As the title of this 7-inch states, this is a pre-Shadow Ring group. For more information, check out Siltblog.
**Whines -Sky- Demos (Upcoming Meds Records release in 2010 )
Demo track set to be released on LP by the Meds Label out of Portland, Oregon. More information can be found at the Whine’s myspace page.

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