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L/D --- 03/11/2010

Aired March 11th, 2010

**X-Mal Deutschland -Kaelbermarsch- Deutschland Strike Back LP Compilation Strike Back Records (1989)

All girl group from Hamburg, Germany that put out numerous releases throughout the 1980s . This is one of their few later tracks that I like and as far as I can tell it is only available on this compilation. More information regarding releases can be found at discogs.
**Dragibus -A Crocodile in an Aquarium- Tete de Bebe LP Compilation S-S Records (2006)Compilation features a variety of French artists – Dragibus has an odd kiddo vibe that reminds me a bit of
Die Doraus und Die Marinas. More information, including tracks, available at their myspace.
**Nazis From Mars -Pussy Catty Cat- S/T LP Astrol Anarchy Records (2001)
Synth garage punk band from Limburg, Netherlands – it has been a while since they have released a record so I’m not sure if they are still recording and putting records out. Information on their past releases can be found at
**Die Kapazitat -Bemuhe Dich- Die Neue Deutsche Welle Ist Da Da Da LP Compilation Vertigo Records (1982)
This band’s discography can be found at
discogs. Also, Mutant Sounds Blog has a post on this band’s ‘Leichte Stimmen’ LP.
**Spizzenergi -Virginia Plan- 7-inch Rough Trade Records (1979)

A.K.A. Spizzoil, Athletico Spizz 80, Spizzles, Spizz, etc. General information on this band can be found on wiki.
**Die Krupps -Wahre Arbiet, Wahrer Lohn- Deutschland LP Compilation Das Buro / Cachalot Records (1982)
This band could be grouped early on in the NDW category, though within a few years Die Krupps went more into the industrial/EBM direction. Discography & history can be found at their
discogs page.
**Ruth -Mots- Des Jeunes Gens Modernes LP Compilation Born Bad Records (2008)
Originally this track was released on Ruth’s ‘Polariod/Roman/Photo’ LP that came out in 1985. More information on this release can be found at
**Nudge Squidfish -Part Cherokee- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under Nashville LP Columbus Discount Records (2010)
Originally recorded to cassette in 1985 - more information can be found at
**Inner City Units -Convoy- New Anatomy LP Demi Monde Records (1984)
Band features Nik Turner from Hawkwind. This record lurks in the nether regions between progressive rock, glam, and new wave - a bit on the kookie side to say the least. Here’s an article on them from
Trouser Press. Pretty good though I still dig Hawkwind over ICU.
**Readymades -Terry is my Space Cadet- 7-inch Automatic Records (1977)

There’s a nice write up on this single at the Always Searching for Music Blog.
**Davila 666 -Tu- S/T LP In the Red Records (2008)
Recently I initiated a mixtape blitzkrieg – had promised a bunch of folks who had pledged last year during my fundraiser program each a mixtape. I let it go to long and thus throughout the month of March I made a total of fifteen mixes. This track found its way on many of those tapes. It seems to be the prettiest song on this S/T LP, at least it sounds the prettiest. If anyone out there knows Spanish I would be very interested in a rough translation.
**Medication -TPM in Hard Times- This Town LP HoZac Records (2009)
Debut album by this one man band hailing from Connecticut - more information at
**Sonic Youth -Kool Thing- Goo LP Geffen Records (1990)
Listener request - YEAH!
**Sic Alps -The Greatest- Split 12-inch LP w/ Magic Markers Yik Yak Records (2009)
More information can be found at


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