Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Eskimo LP has always been one of my favorite Residents albums. Originally released back in 1979 as The Residents' Eskimo, this album was inspired by Intuit field recordings made by N. Senada. It has since been reissued a number of times under just Eskimo. In the same year as the record release, The Residents put forth a movie version of Eskimo, which was intended to be a visual representation of the album.

I bought this movie a few years back but never got around to watching it.....just found it on youtube and was able to check out a few snippets. The last track on the album, Festival of Death, has always been a favorite of mine. For your ammusement:

I have to say, the insertion of the Coca-Cola Polar Bear is a hoot - wonder if The Residents actually got some $$ for that from Coke.

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