Wednesday, July 14, 2010

L/D --- 06/10/2010

Aired June 10th, 2010

**Pornosect -Slave!- …Of Vibrations, Resonances and Divine Things LP Produkt Korps (1988)
A record for those who enjoy weird industrial tape loop beats! According to Sickness Still Abounds Pornosect was “a project by Andrew Burton…Recorded between 1984-1988 at Strangeways Sound Studios in West London.” To check out more tracks from this record, go to
**Legendary Pink Dots -One for the Pearl Man- S/T LP Boxset Vinyl on Demand (2007; Orig. 1981)
This and the next track come off of a recent record boxset comprised mostly of fairly rare and early cassette recordings of TLPD. More information on this release at
**Legendary Pink Dots -Mirror Messiah 5xLP Boxset Vinyl on Demand (2007; Orig. 1983)
**Joy Division -These Days- Heart and Soul Boxset London Records
**Blank Dogs -End of Summer- Phrases 12-inch EP Captured Tracks (2010)
Latest release by Blank Dogs – I believe a new LP is in works. More information at
**Absolute Body Control -Baby’s on Fire- The Complete ABC Tape Recording LP Boxset Vinyl on Demand (2007)
One of the best tracks coming off of this boxset – Originally off of an untitled cassette that came out in 1981. More information on this release at
**13th Chime -Hide and Seek- S/T LP Sacred Bones Records (Orig. recorded in 1983)
More information at
**Pink Industry -Battle Cry- Forty Five 12-inch EP Zulu Records (1983)
This EP is my favorite of theirs – later stuff is alright, though like This Mortal Coil, it hits on a vocal styling that I got to be in the mood for. More information at (I think this is their official myspace site – info looks legit.
**Mode Moderne -Ghosts Emerging- Ghosts Emerging LP Lust Nuevo Records (2009)
More information at
**The Pheromoans -Radical Courier- Open for Business 7-inch Yakisakana Records (2010)
Out of the UK – More information at
**Home Blitz -Murder in My Heart- Perpetual Night 7-inch Almost Ready Records (2010)
More information at and at
**Prefects -Things in General- Messthetics #103 Compilation Hyped to Death Records
Originally recorded back in 1978. More information at Members later went on to form The Nightingales.
**Six Minute War -Weatherman- Messthetics #107 Compilation Hyped to Death Records (Orig. 1981)
Originally released back in 1981. More information at


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