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L/D --- 07/08/2010

Aired July 8th, 2010 

**Associates -Kitchen Person- 7-inch Situation 2 Records (1981)
Scottish group - more information at Discogs. 
**Tuxedomoon -Nite & Day- S/T 12-inch EP Self-Released (1978)
First ever Tuxedomoon release – includes four tracks, all great…..The most memorable of the four is of course No Tears. Found a fun youtube video someone made with a montage of photos/film to No Tears – check it:

This record was reissued on various labels in the late seventies/early eighties. Extended mixes are also floating around.
**Second Decay -Chronomatic- La Decadence Electronique LP Dark Entries (2009)
German group – recorded and released on CD back in 1992 - though it was never released on vinyl until last year. More information at Also – if you know German, check 
**John Foxx -Metal Beat- Metamatic LP Virgin Records (1980)
Original singer of Ultravox! More information at 
**Second Decay -Burning Car- La Decadence Electronique LP Dark Entries (2009)
Cover of a John Foxx track – nice! 
**Oto -Anyway-  Cold Waves + Minimal Electronics Vol. 1 2xLP Compilation Weird Records / An Angular Productions (2010; Orig. 1984)
New awesome compilation released by An Angular Productions out of London with assistance from Weird Records. More information at An Angular's site, 
**Dark Day -Danger/Dancer- Window LP Dark Entries (2010; Orig. 1982)
Reissue! Originally put out in 1982 on Lust/Unlust. More information at
**Rema Rema -Fond Affections- Wheel in the Roses 12-inch EP 4AD Records (1980)

Classic 4AD release. Later this track was covered by This Mortal Coil on their It'll End in Tears LP. One and only release from Rema Rema!
**Mode Moderne -Gimme Six- Ghosts Emerging LP Lust Nuevo Records (2009)

Vancouver, BC group - more information at
**Martin Dupont -Just Because- Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 2xLP Compilation Minimal Wave / Stones Throw Records (2010)

French artist - track originally released on a LP in 1984. More information on this artist at More information on the release at
**LZ 129 -LZ 129- Schadstoffklasse Grau LP Compilation Hertzschrittmacher / Kernkrach Records (2010)

More information at
**Tone Set -Out Out!- Cal’s Ranch Cassette Zia Records (1982)

Out of Tempe, Arizona - features members of Dow Jones & the Industrials. More information at 
**Tara Cross -Tempus Fugit- Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 1 2xLP Compilation Minimal Wave / Stones Throw Records (2010)
Originally this song was the title track of a Tara Cross LP that was released back in 1988. Artist from France. 


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