Monday, July 19, 2010

L/D --- 07/01/2010

Aired July 1st, 2010

**Bakeliet -Don’t Let Them Know- Kamp Holland 2xLP Compilation Enfant Terrible (2010)
New compilation out on Enfant Terrible. More information at
**John Maus -My Whole Worlds Coming Apart- Love is Real LP Upset the Rhythm (2007)
More information at
**Willow Bay -Baby Jesus Lovin’- S/T CDR Scenery Audio Archive (2004)
**U.S. Girls -Lunar Life- 7-inch Atelier Ciseaux (2010)
More information at
**Mudboy -Thaw- 7-inch Lexi Disques Records (2009)
More information at
**Bitchin Bajas -Fresh Hair- Split 7-inch with Moon Duo Permanent Records (2010)
More information at
**Implog -On B’Way- Holland Tunnel Dive 12-inch Single Lust/Unlust Records (1980)
Semi neglected track from this NY no-wave outfit; shared personnel with The Contortions. Their most well know tracks are the title track of this Single and 'She Creatures' from their only other release, both of which have found their way onto No New York Compilations. Below is a video I just came across for Holland Tunnel Dive...

**Can -Mother Upduff- Limited Edition LP United Artist Records (1974)
**Effi Briest -Nights- Rhizomes LP Sacred Bones Records (2010)
Debut full length from an all-female outfit, originally recorded back in 2009. More information at
**Medication -Farewell Letter- This Town LP HoZac Records (2009)
More information at
**Magic Markers -Tighten One and Loosen the Other- Split 12-inch with Sic Alps Yik Yak Records (2010)
More information at
**Jim Shepard -Untitled- V-3 Next Album LP (2010)
Fanclub release of what I believe to be previously unreleased recordings. For more information on other Jim Shepard releases check out the Forever Lowman Blog.


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