Thursday, July 29, 2010

L/D --- 07/22/2010

Aired July 22nd, 2010

**Wounded Lion -Silver People- S/T LP In the Red Records (2010)
Will be headlining KDVS’ 2010 Fall edition of the Operation: Restore Maximum Freedom Festival.;; [Fest Information]

**Wipers -Up Front- Is This Real? LP Park Avenue Records (2010)
**Defektors -Burning Light- The Bottom of the City LP Nominal Records (2010);
**Sex Church -Mistaken- 6 Songs 12-inch EP Convulsive Records (2010);
**Standard of Living -Don’t Worry- Six Songs 12-inch EP Vinyl Records (1982)
Not so much known about this group – as I understand they released this record themselves – and I think destroyed a sizable number of them. Looks like WFMU comped this track a bit back. Discogs [WFMU Compilation Information]; [Additional Words/Review]
**Someone and the Somebodies -Workin’ in a Coal Mine- Bops on the Head 12-inch EP Modern Method Records (1981) [Band History]
**Whirlywirld -Sextronics- Beyond the Southern Cross 2xLP Compilation Ink Records (1984)
**Fra Lippo Lippi -Fabric Wardrobe- Fix Planet! LP Compilation Ata Tak Records (1981)
**The Spectrometers -Tame Primative- ½ Mechanism ½ Organism 10-inch The Cosmic Dept. (2010)
No information?
**Konstruktivists -Helter Skelter- Flowmotion Year 2xLP Vinyl On Demand (2009; Orig. 1980-82)
**Faust -Mamie is Blue- Faust So Far LP Polydor Records (1972) [History and Video]
**Troggs -Cousin Jane- Archeology Boxset Phonogram Records (Orig. 1966)
**Bruce Haack -Word Game- The Electric Lucifer LP Columbia Records (1970)


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