Thursday, July 8, 2010

L/D --- 06/03/2010

Aired June 3rd, 2010

Featured a few newbies from Kernkrach/Hertzschrittmacher during this program...enjoy!

**Controlled Collapse -Liquid Plastic- Schadstoffklasse Grau LP Compilation Hertzschrittmacher/Kernkrach Records (2010)
New compilation on Kernkrach – features acts from a variety of European countries. For more information, check
**Maria Zerfall -Der Schnitter- Desperately Seeking Suicide LP Compilation Priapismus Records (1987)
German project most active in the ‘80s; released mostly cassettes. You can get a peek at a few on Membrum Debile Propadanda put together a retrospective of Maria Zerfall items back in 2000 which includes this comp track. Some more details on Maria Zerfall can be found in this Stigmata magazine article.
**Der Debile Rest -Ein Tape nur fur Dich- Schadstoffklasse Grau LP Compilation Hertzschrittmacher/Kernkrach Records (2010)
German group – more information at
**Jean-Claude Charlier Et Son Orchestre -Is Suicide Worth Living?- Desperately Seeking Suicide LP Compilation Priapismus Records (1987)
French group that thrived during the ‘80s releasing mostly cassettes – check out this Mutant Sounds post for some more information and tunes.
**Distel -Regn- 7-inch Enfant Terrible Records (2010)
From the Netherlands – More information at
**Severed Heads -Dressed in Air- and -Rabbi Nardoo Flagoon- Bad Mood Guy LP Nettwerk Records (1987)
Classic – information at Sevcom.
**Led Er Est -Something for the Children- Dust on Common LP Wierd Records (2009)
Out of New York - More information at and at
**Nacht Analyse -Glucklich- Magnetbandaufnahmen 7-inch Hertzschrittmacher Records (2010)
This single, along with the next are part of the HERTZSCHNITT 100 line of singles. All of the singles in this series are limited to 100 copies with one release every month in different colours. Hertzschrittmacher is a subsidiary of Kernkrach, specializing in limited releases of lesser known bands. More information at Nacht Analyse are from Ausburg, Germany.
**Second Planet -Alles was ist- Never Never Land 7-inch Hertzschrittmacher Records (2010)
Second Planet reside in Köthen, Germany. More information at
**Faulty Denial Mechanism -Untitled- Flies Like Holidays LP Compilation Pigface Records (1981)
Early release on Smega’s label – top notch compilation!
**Bruchotin Automatic Band / Siluetes 61 -Adam's Apple / Vsichni Praznj- Fix Planet! LP Compilation Atatak Records (1981)
Early minimal electronic/experimental compilation with an international theme – Ata Tak was a label founded by a member of Der Plan. More information at Discogs and at


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