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L/D --- 05/27/2010

Aired May 27th, 2010

**J.P. Herrmann -Car Conversation- Demo CDR (2007)
I'm bumed this demo never appeared on vinyl…..pretty awesome stuff here! Mr. Herrmann is also involved in Flu Faker, which is comprised of himself and his sister I believe. More information can be found at or at
**Intelligence -Message of Love Message of Love- 7-inch Lo-Fi/Disordered Records (2007)
Cover of a Pretenders track. This band got another LP coming out in August on In the Red Records; tour to follow. More information at
**Vichy Water -Affirmation Action- Demo CDR (2009)
Awesome tune by this now defunct (I think?) Sacramento group that featured members of Mayyors and G.Green. There was some talk about a possible vinyl release, though not sure if that is still on the radar. More information at
**A-Frames -??- 333 3xLP S-S Records (2010)
New LP out on S-S Records. More information at
**DYL Dawg -Touch My Body- Demo CDR (2010)
Local Sacramento project…
**Blank Dogs -Doorbell Fire- 7-inch Sweet Rot Records (2007)
I was inspired to play this track due to my recent acquisition of the Blank Dogs ‘Singles’ cassette compilation available on Captured Tracks. Perfect if you rock a cassette deck in your vehicle. Captured Tracks has now reissued the majority of Blank Dogs material on cassette form. More information at
**Better Beatles -Paperback Writer- Mercy Beat LP Hook or Crook Records (Orig. 1981)
Out of Omaha, Nebraska circa early ‘80s. Pretty entertaining record, though somewhat of a novelty similar to that of the Silicon Teens Music for Parties LP – though this can definitely be taken in larger doses. More information at
**Mazing Vids -Why Are People Shellfish?- and -Cowrie Bells- Drastic Mirth LP Stricken Records (2010)
More information at
**Low Red Center -Alles Klar- Momentary Switch 7-inch Answering Machine Records (2010)
More information at
**Malaria! -How Do You Like My New Dog?- Deutschland LP Compilation Das Buro/Cachalot Records (1982)
German ‘80s Neue Deutsche Welle group. Band bio at
**Chin Chin -Evan if it’s a Lie- Sound of the Westway LP Mississippi/Slumberland Records (Orig. 1985)
New reissue on Mississippi Records – Chin Chin was a group out of Switzerland circa 1985. More information on this band’s history can be found at
**Kleenex/Liliput -Madness- S/T CD Retrospective Kill Rock Stars (2001)
Previously unreleased - song originally recorded sometime back in the ‘80s most likely. More information at
**As Mercenarias -Alem Acima- The Beginning of the End of the World LP Soul Jazz Records (Orig. 1986)
Brizilian feme post-punk group. More information can be found at
**Dog Faced Hermans -The Running Man- Mental Decay For All Ages LP Konkurrel Records (1991)
More information at
**Breather -Bury the Mystique- Loves and Disloves LP Sonic Incision Records (1984)
My number one favorite non-collector album - meaning it tends to sell for a reasonable price (got mine for about 8$) and there doesn't seem to be too much buzz about it. There is something I find personally intriguing about this record and the mind behind it - Robert Bolman aka Bliss Blast. The lyrics and their delivery - creepy, stalker-esk - almost seem to rival that of German Shepherd’s Booty Jones. Though, Beather’s lyrics are not pedophilic in any way (like that of Booty Jones), rather very extremely neurotic....I've recently heard that Mr. Bolman still has many sealed copies of this record! More information at Forum. I may pull out some Bliss Blast demos I have in my possession in the near future - stay tuned for that!

Listen HERE.

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